For most people, becoming a parent is one of the most incredible gifts life can bestow. Of course, it can also be a scary time, particularly if you don’t have people beside you for support.

Becoming a parent for most of us is a precious gift from god that we have to love and care for. Yes, it can be hard to deal with especially when you don’t have people around you to support you and advice you.

Rubin Swift went from his hometown in Cleveland, Ohio to pick up his newborn daughter in Ohio, Phoenix. He got sole custody of his baby and was thrilled to finally meeting his newborn baby, Ru-Andria.

Rubin was also happy that he’s going to bring his daughter home for family & friends to meet.

But, his plan didn’t work as he wished. As he went to the Sky Harbor International airport holding his baby daughter, he was suddenly stopped while he made to check in.

Although he had a note from the hospital stating that Ru-Andria could fly, the airline, Frontier, the baby was denied.

Frontier Airlines’ policy states that babies under seven days old cannot fly. Ru-Andria was just four days old. Rubin left the airport with no place to stay for the next three days.

What would he and Ru-Andria do?

That’s when he remembered Joy Ringhofer. Ringhofer volunteers at Banner University Medical Center, where Ru-Andria was born. She met Swift when he came to pick up his new daughter.

“I was rocking her when her father came in and we sort of made a connection right away,” Ringhofer said.

When Rude left the airport he decided to call Ringhofer for help. Her answer surprised him.

“I didn’t expect her to say, ‘I’m coming to get you and take you home.’ So, I’m thinking, ‘She is going to drive me back to Cleveland?’ But she actually brought me to her house and [is] feeding me and making sure my baby is alright,” Swift said.

What followed during the next three days is certainly proof that there still are good people in the world.

Watch the video below to see what happened:

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