Dad Starts Playing His Guitar – Then His 2-Yr-Old Son Walks Up to The Mic And Steals Everyone’s Hearts

At 2 years of age, Luca is already discovering himself. First, he has discovered his musical talent, and he isn’t going to “sit on it.” Luca is about to take the internet by the heart!

So it happens that his dad has set up a few instruments for a singing session. Dad likes to play the guitar, and Luca seems to have quite a knack for grabbing microphones. The moment the show kicks off; you’ll understand why everyone is turning the internet upside down looking for this video!

He may be a 2-year-old toddler, but this kid can sing. In fact, Luca not only sings, but he knows how to work the harmonica as well. The jam session with his dad will go down in his memory as the greatest moment ever. You just need to take a peek to know that. His huge grin gives it all away!

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