19-year-old Joey Pursak from Minnesota was having an ordinary day at Dairy Queen where he worked when a blind man with a cane stepped in. But just as the man was trying to pay for his ice cream, he accidentally dropped a $20 dollar bill on the floor.

The woman standing behind him saw him drop his bill and bent down to pick up the money. But instead of returning the money to the blind man, she put it in her purse, Joey told CBS News.

Joey witnessed her actions and calmly asked her to return the money to the blind man. The woman angrily replied that it was her money, and refused to return it.

Joey couldn’t stand watching such a blatant injustice unfold before his eyes. He decided that he had to refuse to serve her. He politely asked her to leave.

“She made a big scene, started swearing, and then she stormed out,” Joey said.

But Joey decided to go even further. He did the best he could do right the wrong that was done to the blind man – and decided to pauy him back his money right out of his own pocket.

“I told him you dropped $20, and I would like to give you $20,” Joey said.

The man was touched and thanked Joey, but he was not alone in being pleasantly surprised by the teenager’s actions.

What does Joey think of all this? It’s now just business as usual.

“I don’t think what I did was so extremely nice,” he says. “All I was doing was really the right thing to do.”


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