Having kids is certainly a blessing. When a child is born, parents and family members can’t help but feel that the world just became a better place with the coming of this beautiful little angel.

This could be one of the many reasons why Dr. Erik Bostrom, a family doctor from Minnesota, just loves to celebrate and honor the birth of babies which he’s helped to deliver into this world. You would never guess just how incredibly thoughtful this man is and what he is willing to do just to make his patients happy.

Dr. Bostrom is a 33-year old obstetrician whose job is to primarily help women in handling their pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum health safely and properly. In his profession, he’s had a lot of opportunities to deliver a child’s into this world. It is simply the best part of his job!

As a new doctor in rural Minnesota he’s intent on making good connections with his patients, not just by being a good doctor to them but also by being thoughtful and generous in other ways. And so, he thought of sewing and making personalized blankets for his newborn patients!

Sewing is not exactly an activity that men are good at. Dr. Bostrom truly struggled with learning how to sew and embroider but it did not matter at all because he wanted to make his patients happy and to let them know that he really cares for them.

In the end, he makes his patients feel loved and happy by making their newborns beautiful baby blankets which are always appreciated. In fact he’s made one for every single baby he’s delivered. His efforts of learning how to sew and embroider all paid off! I guess this doctor’s not just good at sewing stitches on skin but he is also a talented maker of adorable and creative baby blankets.

Lacie Hietalati, one of Dr. Bostrom’s patients, who recently gave birth to her daughter, could only be thankful for the adorable and heartwarming gift that her baby received on their two week check-up visit. It was such a lovely pink blanket!

Lacie is definitely awed by this good doctor’s genuine care and thoughtfulness. With his busy schedule, who would have thought that this doctor could spend time to find a gift, let alone make one himself. His generosity and simple yet touching way of showing how much he cares is definitely something his patients will lremember forever

You have got to watch this kind doctor’s gesture of love for his patients in the video below:

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