Someone hit your son’s car and caused an accident that killed your son and injured his girlfriend. While in court, the offender’s mother laughs at you. How would you feel?

Judge Quiana Lilliard understands that pain, which is why she couldn’t let a villain’s mother laugh at victims and get away with it. She did something that most people are now happy about.

This happened during a court sentencing session in a case where Amanda Kosal was accused of DUI and causing an accident that resulted in the death of Jerome Zirker and severe injuries to his fiancée, Brittany Johnson. During the sentencing, Amanda’s mother couldn’t keep her calm. She decided that it was okay to burst out in laughter while jeering at the victim’s family. It irked judge Quiana to the core!

This judge isn’t the type to let people misbehave in her courtroom especially when the case involves loss of life. She ruled that Amanda’s mom be thrown in jail for 3 long months for her unbecoming behavior. It served her right!

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