The festive season is coming in with a bang, and people are excited. Shoppers are popping into stores everywhere in an effort to grab supplies for their planned festivities. While this happens, there’s this one guy who decided to pop into a store just to brighten up the day for everyone else present. You want to know what he did!

So it’s in Norwalk, Ohio, and a popular Goodwill store is open. People are going about their shopping. At one point, a guy walks into the store and heads straight for the piano. He sits, stretches out his fingers, and then it starts!

You realize just how much practice you have to put into playing piano to be really good at it? Well, this guy isn’t just good at it. He’s excellent! The shoppers can’t believe this!

Luckily for us, one of the employees at the store recorded the scene with their phone camera and posted it online. People are now going crazy over the video. You should see it!

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