Emerald Belles amaze audience and judges with incredibly precise high kick routine

The Emerald Belles is a dance group from Texas that has a huge number of fans across the country. Their high kick dance show is mesmerizing thousands of people from its start to its beginning.

The group of 100 young talented ladies from Carroll Senior High, competed at the Showmakers of America Dance Competition in 2018, surprising audience members and judges alike.

High kick dance routines are always a spectacle. They feature rapid movements, sharp lines, and interesting formations. Another aspect of the entertainment is the costumes. They add pizzazz to the visuals.

To viewers who are not well informed about dance technique, high kicks might look like a relatively simple element of choreography. However, in order to make the move look right, it takes a high degree of skill. In order to perform it correctly, one must have excellent balance, flexibility and posture. Mastering this style of dance takes years of practice and hard work.

The lovely young ladies of Carroll Senior High School are so skilled that the high kicks seem effortless.

The routine begins in a triangle formation with the performers dressed in blue tights with silver accents. The dancers lie on the ground row by row until one is left standing. When this dancer raises her leg, the others change position while the music changes to a selection by Daft Punk. The music fits the choreography perfectly.

The dancers create a variety of formations and remain perfectly synchronized, which shows how much time they put into rehearsing the performance. Not a single dancer missed a beat or fudged a step.

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