Death comes like a thief, and the Moller Petersen family knows that first-hand. Their son, Niels Paulsen, lost his life in a very tragic way at the age of just 24. It was the saddest and darkest period for the family, friends and relatives. It’s so heartbreaking to lose a child at such a young age.

During the funeral, everyone was in tears. People wiped away their tears with soaking tissues and patted each other’s backs for comfort. But the most moving moment came when the family members went up to speak about their sibling. Even the little sister spoke, and then the young brother took the mic and began to sing. The song is “You Raise Me Up” by Secret Garden. It was dedicated to his fallen brother.

At first, his voice is a little shaky, but then he gains his composure and goes on to stun the crowd with his own version of the song. He even had a part all about his brother. You need to watch this. It’s so beautiful!

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