fast food worker breaks protocol for young boy. Few minutes later, he’s given note that changes everything

We have previously covered different ordinary people who have volunteered to help those who deserve to be assisted. This video features one fast-food cashier who did a small act of kindness that led to unprecedented turn of events.

Travis Sattler works at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers within Katy, Texas. On this day, he was on with his duties as usual when he noticed a young boy approach the register with some bills. The boy needed some dessert and as well as a cup of mint Oreo custard though he was a bit worried since he never had enough money for both. He had handed over all the money he had and still a few dollars were missing. As opposed to turning the boy away, Sattler returned the boy’s money and he used his credit card to buy the boy all he wanted. The boy was so thankful but what happened when he was through with the custard was even more notable.

When the boy was leaving, he left Sattler a note. He thanked him for being nice and wrapped within the note was a$100 tip. When Freddy’s management learned of the same they rewarded his generosity with an amount that was equivalent to what the boy had given his as a tip.

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