Mom of 3, Leigh Anne from Nebraska lived a hard life alone with her kids. She lost her husband two months before the cold winter hit the country. Her husband couldn’t win over the cancer and passed away. Leigh lost the happiness of her marriage in a very short time.

Now she’s a single mother and it’s not totally easy for her to raise her kids alone. Many responsabilities and duties are on her shoulder. The snowstorms and the freezing winter made life even harder for her and her family. However, we can find hope everywhere and there is one thing that was making her smile.

One morning, as the duties call, Leigh needed the car to drive off and finish what she had to finish. However, she noticed that the there was a need of putting some air in tires. With all of that snow, blocked pathway, she got frustrated. The blocked cap of the tire just added some fuel to her frustration.

Luckily, she called Brian, delivery man from FedEx. He was usually delivering packages in the neighbourhood and therefore Leigh recognized him and called him for help. Brian did not hesitate helping her. After a short conversation, Brian learnt about Leigh’s tragedy.

Brian felt sorry for Leigh and knew he had to do something good for her. So he started shoveling the snow in front of her house. Brian’s action may look like a small gesture, but for Leigh who needed the tiniest help at those difficult moments, it meant a lot for her. Having in mind the fact that everything in the household was up to her, a little help is more than welcome.

Brian did not know that there is a camera on the front door. The camera caught this kind action on tape. Well done Brian!

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