When fate decides to hit you, it hits you hard, and that’s what happened to Justin Pounders. Justin had a girlfriend- whom he loved very much. In fact, she was his fiancée. But one day, something really bad happened. The fiancée was attacked and killed by an intruder at her home. Justin was broken. He lost his peace and descended into misery. Sad!

Justin’s mom knew she had to pray for her son. She prayed for him to find someone to help him bring back his peace. Justin went online and tried to hook up with someone, and guess what? It worked like a miracle!

Now, when fate decides to deal you a nice one, it deals you a surprise of a lifetime. The day Justin told his mom about his new catch must have been the happiest for the three of them. Turns out, the lady, named Amy, was actually Justin’s childhood crush. His mom had the photos!

Watch the video below to see why finding a second chance at love might be the best chance that any of us ever has to heal a broken heart.

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