Four Girls Strut Out in Bizarre Bodysuits – But When Music Plays On, Judges and Audience are Jaw Dropped

Ever seen someone do the impossible? Well, you’re about to get another dose of the most awesome scene ever!

You see, acrobats are people who have dedicated themselves to pulling off the most difficult body poses. You’ve never seen Judge Simon Cowell breathless!

The ladies are members of Angara Contortion, a Russian acrobat group. To make their appearance on Britain’s Got Talent possible, they had to fly all the way from Moscow to show up onstage. Despite the 6-hour journey and the jet-lag they must have experienced, these ladies were still in good form to perform before a mammoth crowd and make a lasting impression. The moment they get their feet to the stage and start the “flexibility stuff,” everyone starts drooling. The judges are speechless!

These women know their business. They twist and swing around as they perform impossible postures that keep everyone awestruck. Wait for that incredible moment when they finish the heartwarming performance. People jump to their feet in applause. Watch to get wowed and see what the judges have to say about these flexible humans. I’m in awe!

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