Garth Brooks spots elderly woman waving sign, only to read it and immediately stops the concert

In 2017, during one of his tour concerts, Garth Brooks stepped onto the stage in Lafayette, Louisiana. His fans were so excited to see him and they showered him with love as he sang in the Cajundome arena.

The show seemed to go well as planned, until Garth noticed a special sign being held aloft in the audience.

The sign and the words written upon it took all the attention of the country star, so he moved towards it for a better look at the owner. It turned out to be a small, unassuming, elderly woman …

“ELVIS WAS MY LAST CONCERT,” read the sign, and it turned out the woman holding it, Barbara, was special indeed. She was recently widowed, and had gone to Garth’s concert along with her daughter and granddaughter. Why? To celebrate turning 89.

Barbara is really into her music, and she really did go to see Elvis live over forty years ago.

Little did she know she was about to be given the greatest birthday gift of her life by Garth Brooks himself.

Gareth went forward to take a closer look at the sign , and then he asked about her age.

“You’re 89?” he replied. “You look fantastic!”

Shortly after, he began to serenade Barbara with a special rendition of “If Tomorrow Never Comes”. Barbara couldn’t help but tear up. Thanks to Gareth’s special rendition, she couldn’t have been any happier.

But that wasn’t the end. Garth had another surprise for her. Watch the video below to see the emotional encounter:

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