Ross Hanks didn’t just ask a question onstage during the hilarious clip. He pointed to a giant piano on the floor not far from Hanks and asked if he would treat the audience to a performance. Hanks kindly agreed and offered audience members a short snippet of “Heart and Soul.” Ross joins in the fun and tries out some “chopstick” notes.

Ross stepped aside and left Hanks to stir up the crowd again alone. He played an uptempo song which the audience enjoyed. But everyone wanted to see Hanks recreate the magical scene from “Big” and play chopsticks.

Hanks needed a partner to deliver what audiences wanted. Sandra Bullock also happened to be a guest on the show and agreed to join Hanks in the performance. Hanks and Bullock are friends and have done movies together in the past. Bullock was more than willing to help Hanks but he was wearing a pair of stilettos.

In the video, Hanks expresses her concerns that she can’t play chopsticks while wearing heels. Bullock assured her she could. And while most people struggled to walk in Bullock’s heels, I amazed everyone by playing the piano with them. The audience really appreciated the incredible performance of the two of them.

Several commenters said how awesome it was to see two of their favorite artists working together to recreate the classic movie scene.

Bullock and Hanks seemed to be natural at playing the piano with their feet. The stunning performance they gave to audience members during The Jonathan Ross Show is available below for your viewing pleasure. You’re sure to love those who witnessed the performance in person.

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