There are some things in life that people take for granted, whether it’s food in our stomachs or even a warm bed.

But a girl named Shaile wanted only one thing in her life. You have a family they can call you!

She lived with her adoptive parents and her adoptive brother, and Shailee could only dream of such a family in the past. His new parents even told him that they would definitely adopt him one day.
A cute bespectacled girl was impressed that someone wanted to take her into her family, but her adoptive parents did not tell her when the official adoption would be. That’s why they give him a great surprise these days.

They picked up their two kids after school, and then the mom in the car started recording the moment when they passed on some happy news to Shelley. They told her that the official adoption would take place today, and the girl could not hide tears of happiness.

Once you see his reaction, your day will be better too!

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