Girl Is “Bothered” By Something Unusual, Then Dad Captures Something That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!

I never thought I would ever bump into any evidence of a haunted house until this popped up and now everyone is still shocked. What the heck is that?!

The video was captured by a camera installed by this girl’s dad. After the little kid told her dad that something was bothering her, he knew that everything wasn’t okay with the baby girl, so he decided to conduct his own secret investigation. He set up a camera over where the kid used to play. The findings will make you gasp in shock!

The video begins and goes on as if everything is okay. It’s all cool and smooth as the little one goes about her playful business, but that doesn’t last. At around make 17: 10:31, something starts happening!

There’s a doll behind the girl. She doesn’t know what’s really going on behind her but it’s quite possibly the cause of her uneasiness. Can you believe a doll moving all on its own? Look!

This clip is going viral with people coming out all appalled. Some think this house is haunted by evil spirits. Watch and SHARE and remember to leave a comment!

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