I never thought I would come across evidence of a haunted house until this came out, and now everyone is still shocked. What a curse is that?!

The video was captured by a camera set up by this girl’s father. After the little girl told her father that something was bothering her, he realized that all was not well with the girl, so he decided to conduct his own secret investigation.

He installed a camera above where the child used to play. The results will leave you speechless!

The video starts and continues as if everything is fine. It’s all cool and smooth while baby does her fun stuff, but it doesn’t last. At 17:10:31, something starts to happen!

There is a doll behind the girl. She doesn’t really know what’s going on behind her but that’s most likely why she’s so uncomfortable. Can you believe a doll that moves by itself? to research!

What do you think about? Could the video be made-up or it might be true?

Share with us what you think 🙂

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