Gospel Singers Give Impromptu Concert at Shelter for Harvey Flood Victims

No one ever said life is easy, but we all know that faith makes it worth living. It’s the deeply felt expectation of a better future that makes people endure hardships. That’s exactly what happened when a devastating Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas.

When it happened, some people lost their homes. Some lost their cars and businesses. Some even lost their loved ones. It was truly a moment of sadness. People had to be evacuated into emergency shelters for safety. But amid all this, there was still a glimmer of hope among the affected. Wait till you find out what happened at a shelter down in Conroe, Texas. It’s so touching!

The shelter housed around 30 people. At some point, one of the people started singing.

At first, some people were stunned, and then they realized that they actually loved the singing. In fact, they were prompt in joining in and making a choir out of the small shelter population. Just watch the clip here and love it.

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