Grandma Tries to Put Baby into Crib. Security Camera Footage Has Millions Rolling with Laughter

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your Height really matters? You know, short people often happen to find themselves at a disadvantage. Think of that time you went to the store and tried to grab something from the upper shelf. How did that work out? Sometimes it can be very hilarious, and that’s why you’ll really show your teeth when you watch this. It’s too funny!

So we’ve a 5-foot tall grandma, and then we have this cute little kid wrapped in baby towels. One thing this short grandma wants to accomplish right now is placing the baby in the crib at nap-time. But since her height is a little bit challenging, grandma has to step on a stool to reach the crib. However, that still doesn’t seem to be enough, so she needs to bend over to put the baby in the crib. Next? Something happens that gets even the person behind the camera in a really good laughing mood.

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