Grandparents form a very close bond with their grandchildren, in some cases much closer than the bond between children and their parents, which is a bit strange but also beautiful. Grandpa visits are fun.

A different sense of freedom, delicious food, selected desserts that inspire us every time, the most beautiful stories told in the best possible way and of course the boundless love of the people who raised us. If you still have it, you’re very lucky and you know it all too well. So if you have the chance, feel free to show how important it is. That means a lot!

KC Shafer has always had a very close relationship with his grandfather. He used to visit regularly when he was young and always enjoyed it because he knew his grandfather was a company he felt comfortable with. After his parents divorced, he spent more time with his grandfather, Charlie. He loved him so much that he made a promise to him when he was only 7 years old.

He promised him that when he got married, KC wanted his grandfather to be his godfather. Charlie thought he was talking in his sleep, so he forgot about that moment. But 20 years later, KC Schäfer was about to make him a big surprise. He found the love of his life and after a few years decided to marry her. He kept his word and wanted his grandfather Charlie to be his godfather at his wedding.

Once a mischievous, vivacious child, the boy now stands at the door with the love of his life and asks his 90-year-old grandfather to be his godfather. Charlie cried when he saw what had become of a real Schaeffer man, he was so proud and felt that he had done a great job with all the good lessons and experiences he had taught him.

The intimate video is attached to the article and you can see more details about their relationship there.

If you have grandparents, make sure you really respect them and keep in touch with them. Put your hand on the phone and just ask them about life and show them that you care. Share this story with your loved ones!

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