As The Inside Edition reports, Jacob and Tashanna Armstrong lost their son McKade at birth. They visit his grave in Oklahoma as often as they can, to honor the life that was so precious to them.

When they visit, they always put small things like toys and pins on the grave. These are the things McKade would have loved and appreciated if given the opportunity to grow up.

Unfortunately, Jacob and Tashana begin to notice that the little trinkets from Makadi’s tomb are disappearing, one by one. Someone was walking past the cemetery, removing things, then leaving with them.

As Tashana told The Inside Edition, “That fan doesn’t mean much to the next person, but it means a lot to the person who put it there.”

Jacob didn’t want this theft to continue without anyone trying to stop him. Put a hidden camera in the nearby bush. He pointed to his son’s grave. He wanted to catch the vandal in the act of stealing.

The camera did just that. The next step was to identify the person and bring them to justice.

Jacob took the footage from his camera to the local police. Vice President James Logsdon was happy to take charge of the matter. Her sister died at birth and was buried near baby Makadi. They set the subject and it’s time for Jacob and Tashana to confront the man in question.


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