Groom Anxiously Waits For Doors to Open, Breaks Down in Tears When Paralyzed Bride “Walks” Through

Every woman dreams of walking down the aisle on her wedding day. In this video, walking down the aisle was not that easy. Jennifer Darmon was on a road trip in Ontario when the unexpected happened. Their van got an accident with an oncoming car. During this incident, she was with her friends, and surprisingly, she was the only person hurt in the car out of the seven.

She was paralyzed instantly from her waist downwards during the crash. Jennifer’s boyfriend, Mike Belawitz knew what had happened, and he never give up on Jennifer because of this incident. He was always optimistic that everything would change. The only thing he ever wanted was to see his girlfriend, Jennifer back on her feet.

Belawitz proposed back in 2010, and he always stood by his girlfriend. Mike decided to take her to a physical-therapy appointment near his home. Doctors had told Jennifer that she could never walk again, but Jennifer wasn’t the kind of lady to give up. After going through multiple surgeries and intensive physical therapy, she was back on her feet!

After being able to walk, she ended up walking with Mike down the aisle! What a beautiful love story!

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