His job is to push trolleys around the hospital – but what the camera captures is touching hearts everywhere

A nice man named Lindon Beckford is getting famous and much admired for something he loves. Lindon is an employee at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. His job is to transport patients to various rooms, but Lindon has been offering more than just that. He sings!

He sings to his patients every day. In fact, he’s grown famous for this. This man has a really good heart, and his patients and colleagues describe him. Lindon hasn’t started this today. He’s been bringing joy and brightening up his patients’ days since 1985. Awesome!

In the video here, you get to watch Lindon in action at the hospital. He has a patient, Vera Vincentini, 63, who’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Lindon’s job is to trolley her to the MRI room, but he’s doing more than that. Vera was so happy when she realized Lindon would be part of the medical team attending to her. She says her days became ever brighter!

The man has such a soothing voice – the kind that takes away the pain and soothes the soul. Everyone loves Lindon. He’s a real national hero. Check this out and give him your thumbs up.

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