Homeless Man Sobs In Burger King But Had No Clue a Woman Put Photo on Facebook to Save Him

It was a good, calm day, and Katy Hurst was about to drive off from the Burger King when she spotted something rather disturbing. She saw a man sobbing at the outlet’s window. He had his face in his hands and seemed in a lot of pain. Katy could’ve just driven off and enjoyed her day oblivious of the man’s troubles, but she didn’t!

Katy stepped out, walked up to the man to talk to him, but first, she took a photo of him crying. The man’s name is Pops, and he was 57 and homeless. Pops was in pain. He had broken 7 bones in his body but couldn’t afford treatment. He had been praying for a miracle, for an Angel to swoop down and help him, for something better than the pain and loneliness that had been fracturing his whole soul. It turns out, God was listening!

Katy posted Pop’s photo online along with his story. What happened next will warm your heart.

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