Hotel housekeeper cleans elderly couple’s room – but once she opens the bottom drawer, she screams

Brigid Murray is a housekeeper at Ann Arbor Regent Hotel, MI. While she was cleaning a room where an elderly couple was staying during their trip, she discovered the unthinkable.

It was a bag with $11,000 cash in it. Apparently, the pair forgot the bag and left it behind in a closed drawer after they checked out of the hotel.

Brigid could have taken the bag and kept the money for herself, but it never even crossed her mind. It would’ve been completely wrong. Brigid is an honest woman with her heart in the right place.

So she quickly took the purse downstairs and showed it to a co-worker. She wanted another witness because, well, it was a lot of money.

The couple identified as Tony and Betty returned home and that’s when the wife realized that the bag with money was missing — that money was meant to pay the movers and begin their new life.

The hotel staff had nothing that could help them to track down the couple, they had only an ID and credit cards.

Thanks to Brigid’s right and kind gesture, the elderly couple would have been on a crisis. Thankfully, their son called the hotel and breathed a sigh of relief when he learned every dollar was accounted for.

“I remember seeing her that morning and speaking to her and not knowing that I was like a guardian angel to her,” Brigid said. “I’m just glad she got it.”

Brigid’s coworkers say that she’s proof that there’s still good in the world. In an interview with ABC, the couple’s son said that his mom cried tears of joy when she heard that Brigid had found the money.

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