While many predators steer clear of elephants due to their enormous size, young calves do not pose much of a threat as they grow. Its size makes it an easier target when it comes to attacks from other animals.

But predation on elephant offspring can have serious repercussions, as one safari guide testifies. He saw how far a herd of elephants would go to keep their young calves out of harm’s way. Was there to watch the aftermath of a group of wild dogs that approached the herd.

Brent Leo-Smith is a safari guide who works at Sabi Sands Game Reserve. This reserve, located in southern Africa, offers visitors the opportunity to see many wild animals with a guided tour. Brent was able to watch the jaw-dropping drama himself.

Part of the reserve, Sabi Sands, is where the encounter took place. He had just arrived there on a safari when he stopped to watch the encounter. Two dominant species were about to get rid of him. He couldn’t believe the scene unfolding before his eyes.

He soon realized that a herd of wild dogs had entered the herd of elephants and faced them. In the video, Smith mentions that the elephants took over as soon as the dogs approached.

Not only did the adults hunt the wild dogs, but the child decided to join the mission. After the dogs escaped, the elephants took no chances. They all formed a circle of protection around the child.

“Look at that! Isn’t it amazing? Smith can be heard saying in the video below.

Smith added that wild dogs are generally not a potential threat to elephants. He said he had never heard of dogs attacking baby elephants or even adults. But he was still amazed at the ferocity with which elephants protect themselves from a potential predator.

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