When it’s time to get rid of old things, some people choose to sale them instead of tossing them away. These no more wanted things find yet again a new home, not to forget that selling them is another benefit to our environment, since they will be recycled and reused in another place instead of just being thrown away.

A garage sale is the best way to do this and it’s always fun to rediscover old stuff you’ve amassed over the years. Sometimes, you might even find something that could find a place in your home instead of being tucked away in a box in the attic.

Sue McEntee was going through her family’s old belongings to find things that could be sold in a garage sale. after she posted a sign outside her house “Garage Sale Friday-Saturday 9-16”, a man named Bruce Scapecchi was walking by. He is used to check out flea markets in case he finds hidden gems.

He noticed Sue’s sign and decided to take a closer look. However, he could never imagine what he would find there

Bruce saw a lot of old items under an old table, when he walked up closer, he realized that they’re baseball bats, but one of them was fabricated of a special wood that made him extra curious.

He went ahead and picked up the bat, the price was only $1, but Bruce immediately felt that this old piece of wood had a lot of potential

It seemed the bat was used by many youngsters over the years. Maybe they had imagined themselves famous players as Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson who was the very first African American player in the United States Major League Baseball, playing in six major World Series finals and eventually ending in the baseball Hall of Fame.

Moments after checking up the bat, Bruce started to suspect that the bat might actually have been belonged to the one and only Jackie Robinson

Bruce recognized the unique grip on the baseball bat, reports KCCI News 8.

“The unique grip of the bat was Jackie Robinson’s style.YouTube

Bruce is an honest man, so he couldn’t help not to tell the ignoring owner of his amazing discovery, even if he got the chance to pay a small price for it. He went to Sue and informed her about the true identity of the item. Then he told her to grab a pencil – and told her there was an area on the bat where Jackie had engraved his name.

By rubbing the pencil over the bat, the engraving began to appear. Jackie’s name was indeed right there, engraved on the bat.

Sue was totally stunned. But at the same time, she remembered that there is a reasonable explanation behind the story.

She told KCCI News 8: “My Uncle Joe Hatten played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was called Lefty Joe. He played baseball in the ’40s with him (Jackie).”

Bruce was surprised to hear about the historical link between Sue, her family and legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson! So what did Sue do with the bat after she learned it’s historic significance?

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