Lindon Beckford has been working for over 30 years as a patient transporter from the theater to where they will stay temporarily. Over the years, Lindon has brought joy to the scared and anxious patients who are moved across the hospital halls.

Lindon is friendly. He starts by greeting the patient and introduces himself as their chauffeur. Whenever an opportunity arises, he sings to the patients.  Sometimes, the patient may request a specific song. Sometimes, the patients help him sing along.

Lindon’s singing is therapeutic to some of the patients. Lindon loves singing. In the past, he used to sing so that he would comfort himself. He then realized his singing was a blessing to the patients too.

Being a patient in a hospital can be an anxious and a scary thing. Being wheeled through the unfamiliar corridors of the hospital and the gloomy atmosphere makes matters worse.  Thanks to Lindon and his beautiful singing, the patients can relax and take their minds off things.

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