Josh Groban Invites Kelly Clarkson to Join Him on Stage. Their Chilling Rendition of “All I Ask” Stuns Crowd

Ever imagined what would happen if Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson paired up for a performance?

The two stars lit the stage with their exhilarating performance during the Phantom of the Opera. For the first time, the duo shared a stage in 1986. To top it up, they performed one of the beautiful songs ever written “All I Ask.”

The two talented singers take up the beautiful tune and make it their own. Kelly Clarkson has never been an opera singer. However, she performs like a seasoned one. Josh Groban does not disappoint either.

Kelly Clarkson’s beautiful dress will keep you glued to her. The duo’s timeless performance coupled with the instruments playing in the background will send chills down your spine. As the performance comes to an end, the crowd cannot keep calm.

Watch the amazing performance and see what unfolded. I cannot get enough of the performance!

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