Wednesday nights are a very busy time for Frances Chicken on Richmond Avenue. It was no different today. Manager Ahmed Al Madhoun was at the checkout taking orders when he caught the attention of two customers, KHOU 11 reported.

A woman and her three-year-old granddaughter walked into the restaurant. The restaurant was crowded, but there was a line.

When the lady arrived in front of the table, she had a strange request. She wanted to speak with Madhoun in private. Madhoun’s heart sank when he heard that the woman was in distress.

Find out that grandma needs food and gas money. She had no food to feed her ten grandchildren. The grandmother also had no gas in her car.

She wanted to speak with Madhoun to ask her for a favor. According to KHOU 11, she wanted to go get food that Wednesday night and come back later to pay for the items. She was offered ID sponsorship to guarantee she would return.

However, Madhoun had something else. This was not the typical situation of a restaurant manager. Al-Madhoun shared the story with KHOU 11 saying:

“It’s not something you hear every day. She was embarrassed and struggling. I told her not to feel like that because everyone goes through hardships.”

Madhoun did not take Mrs. ID card. However, he prepared a meal which was going to feed this family. He filled a small bag with different items from the restaurant menu.

The grandmother had no money, but that didn’t stop Madhoun from sympathizing. Fill the food bag with chicken, sides and candy for the kids. Tell Grandma the food was a gift.

Madhoun recalled during his interview with KHOU 11 that the woman was resting on her face. She was admiring and smiling. Grandma didn’t believe in apparent mercy. In addition to the kindness of the manager, he also told the woman that she could come back for more food if she still needed it. Al-Madhoun said they were there for Grandma.

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