Little Boy Goes Outside to Shovel Snow. But It’s What He Has to Say to Jesus That’s Making Everyone Cracking up

We are now in the middle of winter. Most people prefer to stay inside warming in their warm blankets and drinking hot beverages. Going outside especially when it’s snowing is something many of us would prevent it.

Unfortunately, we have to wait few more months until the weather warm up. However, there are some people who would mind enjoy the cold weather and the snow outside, just like this little kid in the video below. He wants to play outside no matter how much the weather is cold. He couldn’t take anymore playing inside and decided to go romp in the great outdoors. So he begged his mom and she eventually accepted.

Mom dressed her son with a poofy coat and let him outside as he requested. What happens few moments later, has everyone watching this clip cracking up.

People get easily sick during the cold season, but there is an actual condition that happens in the winter. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it has some very serious complications.

People with this condition can often experience anxiety, sadness social isolation. They have sleep difficulties too. Luckily, this little boy is not suffering from this condition.

He just got fed up from staying at home and decided to strecth his legs a little bit. But it’s what happens just moments after he’s outside is giving everyone a good laughter!

In fact, this poor little guy’s plight in the freezing outdoors has gone viral. The video Mom filmed and shared has been seen more than one million times!

After Mom wrapped him up in warm clothing, he jumped out into the snow and played hardily for about 10 minutes. But things took a dark turn when he realized playing in the snow wasn’t all it cracked up to be.

Mom watched in amazement as her son looked up at the sky and begged Jesus for warmer weather! Take a look at this hilarious moment caught on camera for yourself in the video below!

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