For the next few days, the same phone number kept calling me and bothering me. Sometimes I respond rudely to the caller and sometimes I prefer to ignore the call.

One day the same number called me back, and unlike me usually, I calmed down to answer the call because I was curious to know why this little girl kept calling my number .

I took the call and heard the same little girl’s voice but this time her voice was weak and her breathing was short. “Daddy, please come back soon. I miss you very, very much! My mom told me this was the right number. This is your phone number.”

“Dad, I’m in pain! My mom told me that you were too busy at work and my mom takes care of me day and night. She’s tired. Dad, now I have to work hard and hard for you every day. days, so if you can’t come, can you kiss me?”

I couldn’t refuse the request of that sweet voice, so I made some kissing noises for her. After the little girl heard my kisses, she said, “Thank you…Dad, I’m…so happy, I feel…so happy…”

Just when I was concerned about this little girl’s attempted contact, the lady’s sobbing voice took over: “I’m sorry sir for bothering you for the past few weeks. I sincerely apologize. I wanted to call you when I finish all my troubles here, but I’m so sorry.

“My child here is living a very sad life. From the day he was born he was diagnosed with bone cancer and his father died not too long ago in a car accident and I have no didn’t dare tell him this bad news.”

“She had to undergo chemotherapy every day and the suffering was too much for a child like her to bear. After each session of chemotherapy and when the pain was too much for her, she called her father because he always encouraged her to stay strong.”

“I didn’t really have the courage to tell a sick child that his father had died. So from the day his father died, I found a random phone number which turned out to be the your…”

After listening to his story, I felt very sad because of it. “How is the child now?” I asked

“Nu Niu has just passed away… You must have given her a goodbye kiss… She left with a smile on her face. Before leaving, I held the phone she used to call you. Thank you for making my little girl’s last moments happy.”

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