Little Girl Steps Out of The School Bus Only to Be Welcome By Her Entire Family In Giant T-Rex Costumes

Nothing beats the good feeling of getting off the school bus in the afternoon.

For the children, it means freedom for the rest of the day unless you have homework.

One little girl was unaware of her family’s grand plan as soon as she got out of the bus. In the footage below, a family of dinosaurs stands by the roadside. It later turns out they are waiting for the school bus to arrive.

The little girl steps out of the bus and is welcomed by the strange sight of the dinosaur family. The little girl breaks into a smile when she spots them.

The dinosaurs start running after the girl who could not help but giggle. Such simple acts help relieve the stress from school. It is also a fun way for the family to have some quality time.

Watch the hilarious footage below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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