Little girl tells dad she has a boyfriend during dinner but dad’s comeback makes everyone laugh

For fathers, it is hard to accept that their daughters will start eventually start dating when they grow up. Nowadays, girls are dating earlier than before which makes even harder for fathers to imagine their little princesses having a boyfriend. One of these fathers is the dad in the vide below, he never imagined that his little daughter would ever get a boyfriend at that young age, their conversation will surely make you laugh hard.

The video below shows the little girl telling her dad at dinner that she has a boyfriend. It’s unclear who the boyfriend is. Perhaps it was a boy she met at preschool, or a kid she met in the sandbox of the playground. Regardless, this little girl has a boyfriend, and she wants her dad to know it!

Her father’s reaction to his daughter having a boyfriend is nothing short of hilarious. All dads will be able to relate to him not wanting to believe it! The exchange goes like this:

“I got a boyfriend.” 

“Oh no you do not.” 

“Oh yes I do.” 

“Oh no you don’t.” 

“Oh yes I do.”

The two continue to go back and forth as their family giggles in the background.

“That boyfriend better be talking to your daddy,” the dad says, but his daughter isn’t having any of it. It’s clear she has no intention of letting her father meet her boyfriend!

“No no no!” she says emphatically, with her father responding, “Yes, he better.”

“No. He is my boyfriend,” the little girl says again.

“He needs to come talk to me first. You tell him that,” the dad says, at which point the toddler puts her head in her hands in frustration. When her father continues, the girl starts rambling with an adorably sassy attitude!

Check out the hilarious video for yourself below!

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