The man who plays the cat gave an Oscar-worthy performance. He must have cats or at least watch a lot of cat videos because he makes different types of noises that cats make when angry, scared or upset. He passed the technician a few times as I approached his cage.

He did an absolutely amazing job jumping on tables and work surfaces, which suggests he might have a background in gymnastics. He also created a royal mess by removing objects from work surfaces.

For her part, she remained artistic in character and didn’t break out in laughter at the sight of a man pretending to be the worst act in the Maine Coon or Savannah world.

She also didn’t laugh when she saw him wearing the cone of shame at the end of the video. Instead, she kept her face straight as she spoke and explained proper ways to subdue a broken cat without getting scratched or bitten in the process.

The first technique I demonstrated was to use a plastic deflector to push the cat against the wall of the cage so it couldn’t charge itself.

When this infuriated the cat, the technician used a fishing rod and then dropped it onto the exam table. I tried to wrap him in a blanket, but he ran off and tore up the exam room, making as much of a mess as possible. In the end, however, the technician was able to subdue her wily patient.

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