Man Finds Baby Girl Abandoned in Thorny Bushes. The Reason Her Evil Parents Did This Is Unforgivable

Many cultures value the male child than the females. In India, boys are considered important. Most Indian parents will abandon their baby girls. The national crime report in India reports that 3500 babies were abandoned from 2007-2011.

The Indians claim the girls are a financial burden and a curse. Most people cannot afford to pay dowry when they marry off their daughters.

One Indian man in Gujarat became a hero after helping a helpless infant girl. He was going about his duties when he stumbled upon something unexpected.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, heard someone cries in the bushes. Upon taking a closer look, he found an infant girl, naked and covered in scratches.

The man called emergency services who gave the infant the needed medical attention. The police believe she was abandoned by her parents.

The doctors pulled thorns out of her body and fed her. Her condition stabilized after that.

The infant was lucky to be rescued. Most of them go missing and are never found.

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