A recent incident involving a family being humiliated and mistreated by flight attendants on a plane has been making rounds on social media. Slaimankhel, who posted a detailed account of the events on his Facebook page, chronicled the incidents leading up to the encounter that was filmed.

It all started when the family’s pram was left outside the aircraft despite assurances from the flight attendants that it would be brought in. When Slaimankhel went to retrieve it, he was met with a stern response from the crew, who offered no assistance. Later, a delay was announced due to mechanical issues, giving his wife time to change their child’s diaper. While waiting for the restroom, a flight attendant condescendingly commanded them not to block the door.

As Slaimankhel’s wife left the restroom, another attendant looked at her in a patronizing manner, prompting her to respond. The crew continued to speak condescendingly to the family, with one of them making a derogatory comment about Slaimankhel’s wife’s Muslim hijab. The incident left Slaimankhel’s wife feeling humiliated and distraught, leading her to cry and confront the crew.

Upon learning of the family’s side of the story, many people on social media have come out in support of them, expressing outrage at the behavior of the flight attendants. It is crucial that airlines take action to ensure their staff are trained to handle situations like this in a respectful and professional manner, treating all passengers with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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