Man stands alone to sing ‘Hallelujah’, but shivers run down spines moment stage fills up

With a huge number of artists in the music industry, it can be quite hard to stand out. Producing good quality music frequently and mainting a positive impression on producers, musicians and fans are the traits of a successful artist. Some artists have their own unique music style, make songs that are different than usual, interesting and fresh. Celtic Thunder, an Irish singing group known for their unconventional style and theatrics, exemplifies the aforementioned qualities.

These young men dressing in formal wear and displaying outstanding vocal harmony have a musical style that ranges from fold to contemporary music to soft rock and classical crossover. In one of their live performances, Celtic Thunder captivated the audience’s hearts with their own version of the song ‘Hallelujah’

Moment a male singer belts out the first lines of the song with his impressing vocals, the room is filled with applause. He sang his heart out, with a sincerity that you can’t help but feeling tears in your eyes. he singer’s calm and confident stance, coupled with his smooth singing style, amplified the song’s meaning and evoked emotions among the crowd.

Minutes later, two other male singers joined in on the song. Their perfect harmony and the flawless blend of their voices made the entire audience burst into applause. Celtic Thunder’s performance and song choice make them a group to remember.

Celtic Thunder is one of the fewest groups that always seem to garner an overwhelming amount of positive reactions. From the soloist to the rest of the band. These talented men prove that combining their voices in a cover version will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Choosing a song that’s been covered time and again by different artists may seem risky but Celtic Thunder’s stellar performance is unlike any other.

Watch their amazing amazing performance in the video below:

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