Marriage is all about love, commitment, and accepting the person you have chosen to spend your life with with all their virtues and flaws. I believe that when we come across our soulmate, we can feel that in a way that is hard to be explained. It’s simply a gut feeling.

However, we can never be sure if our future with that person would be the way we have imagined it. Many times, we ask ourselves if we made the right choice and whether everything would turn for the best

A woman named Maggie was about to exchange her wedding vows with the man of her life, Caleb Earwood. What she didn’t know, however, was that she would learn something very deep and personal about him moments before she walked down the aisle. A photo of her wedding day, which was captured by wedding photographer Dwayne Schmidt, has gone viral after it was released over Memorial Day weekend. The story behind it has gone from ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Fox and Friends,’ all the way to ‘Today Show’ and beyond.

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

As she was about to take that special walk towards the aisle, Maggie’s future husband felt the urge to say a prayer with her. They respected the wedding tradition and refrained from looking at one another before the marriage ceremony. They faced away from each other with their eyes closed while grasping hands. In that moment, Caleb asked for God’s blessing over their marriage.

Looking at the soon-to-be husband and wife sharing such an emotional and personal moment, photographer Schmidt knew he needed to take a photo of it. He could barely keep his composure amid the weepy eyes and overwhelming love that poured out into the room.

“We were about to take our first steps in life together, and we didn’t want to take a step without it being in God’s will,” Caleb Earwood said in an interview with TODAY. “I prayed to God for my beautiful and intelligent wife that he blessed me with, and the amazing family I was marrying into.”

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

The moment Maggie grabbed her future husband’s hand, she knew exactly what type of marriage she was in for. She felt fortunate.

“When I first grabbed his hand, he was shaking really bad, so I knew he was really nervous,” Maggie recalled. “It relieved me to know the person I was getting ready to marry felt the same way about God.”

The photo of Maggie and Caleb touched many hearts. It reminded us that we should never settle for anything less than what these two have.

We are very happy for them and wish them only the best life can bring.

For more on their story check out the video below.


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