Next up was Kelly’s moment to shine. With excitement in her voice, Hoda called out, “Alright Kelly, let’s unveil the new you. Come on out!” After a brief pause, Kelly made her entrance into the studio, completely transformed, which instantly garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from the hosts. Clad in a dark shirt, black jeans, and a light brown jacket, the grandmother exuded a newfound confidence.

As Kelly approached her family, Hoda instructed the quartet to turn around, revealing Keith holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Just like Jade and Will, Keith was filled with awe and admiration upon seeing his wife’s stunning new appearance.

“Clearly, the shy and reserved girl from Wichita is no longer here!” exclaimed Louis, clearly delighted with the results. He went on to explain, “With Kelly, I followed the natural pattern of her gray hair, adding brightness where it was gray and maintaining a darker shade at the back. I incorporated a few highlights and gave her a fantastic haircut, just like Keith’s.”

Overwhelmed with emotions, Jade expressed, “I’m at a loss for words. Keith and Kelly absolutely deserved this incredible makeover.

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