The skilled and talented Kentucky Vocal Union is known for their amazing performances. The group has won numerous awards.

36 men in dark clothes and colorful T-shirts walk onto the stage. They begin their dance routine with slow swaying.

The men suddenly break into a thrilling rendition of a popular movie theme song. Their colorful outfit and energetic jiving keeps the audience entertained. The group of middle-aged mean has impressed others before with dance routines.

They have won in several international competitions. Some of them include: 3rd position in 2012 Portland competitions, 6th in 2011 in Kansas City, and in 2014 in Las Vegas among others.

During their recent performance, they danced to a popular iconic 1980 movie. The group chose the song because of the 2011 official remake of the movie starring Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald.

The fun and modern dance moves to the classic song give it a feeling of newness. It even brought joy to the conservative town.

Watch the video below to identify the song and admire the men’s amazing performance.

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