In a video captured by the bus’s camera, two dogs—a Pit Bull and a Doberman—were observed amiably exploring the interior of Jamie’s bus before settling down in the rear aisle. Despite belonging to breeds often misconstrued as aggressive, these gentle giants exhibited impeccable behavior, prompting Jamie to deduce that they were cherished pets who had inadvertently wandered off during the night.

While the canine companions peacefully napped after their nocturnal adventure, Jamie reached out to an MCTS dispatcher, who promptly dispatched a police officer to assist her in handling the dogs. Milwaukee police officers collaborated with the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission to transport the dogs to a shelter for the remainder of the night.

Subsequently, animal control successfully reunited the dogs with their worried owners, who had tirelessly searched for their beloved pets before Jamie intervened. The compassionate bus driver learned that she had discovered the dogs approximately 2.5 miles away from their residence, as disclosed in the MCTS’s post.

Jamie’s empathy received accolades from the MCTS, showcased on their official Twitter page through photos capturing her with the grateful owners and their canine companions. The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission also shared Jamie’s heartwarming story on their Facebook page, expressing joy in contributing to the dogs’ joyful reunion with their family

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