Mom With Alzheimer’s Can’t Remember Her Son, But When They Sing Together, Everything Changes.. WHOA!

Anyone who has come across someone with Alzheimer’s will understand the struggles such people go through every day dealing with loss of memory. The even sadder fact is that you can’t choose which of the memories to lose. It just happens. But as they say, music is food to the soul, and this video here is proving it in one great way.

Brian Ridings posted this video on YouTube in celebration of his great moments with his 80-year-old mom with Alzheimer’s disease. The disease has gotten so hard on his mom that she sometimes forgets her own son. But there’s something particularly interesting about all this. It’s music!

Whenever the two meet and sing together, the mom somehow manages to remember her son. You should look at her face when they’re singing. She’s clearly herself, with probably some beautiful memories of her son’s childhood or such. She remembers him!

This video works to tout the power of music. Not only does it bring people together, but it also strengthens bonds even in the most uncertain of situations. Just take a look and see for yourself.

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