When you’re around kids, you should always keep in mind that they’ll imitate some of your actions. They love pretending they’re adults too. That’s explains why they love to play with toy kitchens or toolboxes. That goes also for talking, adults should be always careful when talking in front of little kids, because a bad word can get their attention and they will keep saying it again and again. But if you encourage them with positive energy, your kids can learn excellent life skills. That is exactly what this mom did to her baby.

When she attended a CPR class with her baby girl in tow, she had no clue the little girl would pick up on what she was learning. Actually, after one class, the baby girl was already able to catch up with the rest of the class.

The mom couldn’t believe her eyes when she watched her little baby walking over to the CPR dummy to try out her new skills.

Mom thought her little girl would be doing her own thing while she learnt CPR as she couldn’t get a babysitter before heading to the class. But at the end, the mom noticed the little girl eyeing up the dummy.

I have to say, we were pretty impressed. The first thing the little girl did was head over to the CPR dummy to give it chest compressions. The baby performs CPR like a true pro!

We can all agree that this was very impressed. But some kids were born smart. The baby actually performed CPR like a true pro!

She started by doing the chest compressions, then went ahead to gave the dummy mouth-to-mouth. It turned out she was paying attention to all the tutor’s instructions.

Of course, all young kids need to learn CPR and other medical skills like the recovery position. Maybe not at this age, but teaching it to any child would do no harm, actually, they could end up saving a life on day!

Watch the baby girl in action in the video below:

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