Mom doesn’t dare to open door when stranger starts knocking, freezes when she sees what he ‘left behind’

One thing about parents is that they will always be protective of their kids. It is for this reason that some homes have security cameras installed at every corner. One such home is Melissa Vang’s. Melissa has two kids whom she takes care of, and that is why she could not rush to open the door when she hears a knock.

You see, having kids around the house and suddenly hearing an unannounced knock on the door is not exactly what a careful parent would expect, so Melissa chose to stay on the safe side. Since she was taking care of her kids, she figured that she could check the security camera later on and see who had knocked the door.  The revelation left her breathless!

Turns out, this teen, Tyler Opdyke, was marketing his uncle’s business within the neighborhood when he came across a wallet in Melissa’s compound. It was her hubby’s. Inside the wallet was $1,500 and credit cards, but cool Tyler decided to pick it up and return it. That is how he found himself knocking on Melissa’s door. That’s nice!

You can watch the rest of the story in the clip below. What do you think about this kid?

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