Suddenly his mother Deirdre noticed that he was not eating and showed no interest in talking on the phone.

He also became reclusive and didn’t want to ride his bike or hang out with his friends as his mother told Good Morning America. What’s even more disturbing is that Liam has stopped eating so much.

Deirdre finally got Liam to admit he was being bullied after confronting him about refusing to go to school.

Through tears, Liam was able to tell his mum about how the children told him he sucked on a football, called him names, and physically pushed and hit him.

Liam’s mother, Deirdre Fell-O’Brien, wrote about her son’s experience in a blog for Northwell.

“A group of boys decided my son was ‘sucked in’ and didn’t believe it had to be the football team. There was shoving and kicking. They used terrible language and the They called obscene words. They told him it was nothing. It should kill. They were ruthless in their cruelty. I asked how many times they had done this to him. He looked me in the eye and says, “Every day, mom.”

One of the symptoms of Liam’s depression was his lack of appetite. Deirdre said he barely touched his food at his thirteenth birthday dinner. The situation got so bad that the poor child was hospitalized so he could get the nutrients he needed through a feeding tube.

Despite the crackdown, the bullies’ parents refused to admit there was a problem, Deirdre said on her blog. Even the school won’t hold anyone accountable for extreme bullying.

Deirdre felt helpless, but decided she could raise awareness of the problem by posting about the bullying on social media. She was shocked to see the outpouring of support for her handsome boy.

After 10 weeks of convalescence in a hospital facility, Liam can finally go home. The therapy gave Liam the confidence he needed to return to school and to the football team.


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