Mom Lucy loves to dance, whenever she hears an upbeat song playing on radio, she can’t help herself bust some moves and makes her son join her. No matter what time is it, she and her toddler would shake their groove thing.

Today, her son is a father with his own kids, but when Lucy was having trouble sleeping one night, she pulled him to the kitchen to have a late-night routine to their favorite song.

“Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor starts playing loudly on the radio, and the mom and son duo take their places. As soon as the beat hits they break out into a fun swing dance with ease. It’s clear these two have done this dance many times!

It’s clear why this video is going viral. It’s not every day you see a mother and son happily dancing with each other, especially with this level of precision!

Halfway through the song, Lucy turns to the camera and says, “This is what happens when people can’t sleep in Louisiana!”

It’s a happy thought imagining tons of Louisiana natives sashaying across their kitchen in the early hours of the morning when sleeplessness hits, but for now, we have this super adorable video to curb our curiosity!

Hopefully, Lance will continue this cute tradition with his own kids! Good rhythm seems to run in the family, so they’re bound to be naturals! If you enjoyed this video, please show it to your friends and family!

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