Mom Has Long Tough Day at Home With The Kids. Then Toddler Tells Dad What Really Happened

Some people don’t appreciate the hassles that mothers go through until they actually get to witness it. Case in point is the story of this mom with 2 kids. As a stay-at-home mom, she was responsible for the well-being of the kids throughout the day. While her hubby hustled at work, she stayed at home with the kids. But that’s not about it!

It’s about the struggles she had to deal with day in, day out. You can imagine what it feels like trying to deal with two angry kids at the same time. Other times she was just so tired. Not to mention that she had to keep all her frustrations bottled-up. She couldn’t let it out on the kids, you know!

And then came the evening, and daddy was home. Now, this dad is the cool, responsible type. He takes his time to ask the kids how their day was. So he’s chatting up with this one kid, and he wants to know something. The kid’s answer puts the mom in a trance!

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