Prior to the makeover, Laurie shares glimpses of her past. She reflects on her role as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a prominent healthcare company based in Illinois, where she shouldered immense responsibility.

Managing a team of 1,700 employees and overseeing the care of 1,700 patients on a relentless 24/7 basis, Laurie’s days were consumed by constant travel and high-stakes decision-making. However, she chose to retire two and a half years ago, leaving behind the demanding corporate world to embrace the fulfilling role of a stay-at-home mom.

With a seventh-grader and a college sophomore as her sons, Laurie finds joy in being fully present for her family. She humorously acknowledges that her husband, though not counting as a child, is an integral part of their lives.

Reflecting on society’s tendency to overlook women as they age, Laurie asserts that she embraces the wisdom that accompanies anonymity. Engaging in activities like yoga, pilates, volunteering, and even alphabetizing her spice cabinet, she feels fortunate to have this phase of her life dedicated to her loved ones.

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