However, some approaches may not only seem peculiar but also lack any logical basis. This was evident in the case of a mother who permitted her son to use only the ladies’ restroom and strictly avoided allowing him into the gentlemen’s restroom, particularly on his own.

In January 2023, the mother voiced her concern on Mumsnet, a website designed by and for parents, seeking input on whether her decision to prevent her 7-year-old son from using the gentlemen’s restroom was unreasonable.

The mother revealed that whenever they were out together, she still insisted her son accompany her into the ladies’ restroom.

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“When we’re out and my boy needs the toilet, I make him come into the ladies’ with me,” she shared.

However, her son began expressing dissatisfaction with this arrangement, desiring to use the men’s restroom on his own. The mother allowed him to do so in a particular place where encountering others, especially at the urinals, was unlikely.

Despite this, she struggled to find the right words to explain her rationale, especially concerning public toilets in locations like swimming pools.

“I’m always honest with him but I don’t quite know how to explain why I’m not letting him do this anywhere else, like at the swimming pool/gym toilet,” she explained.

The mother disclosed her concern about the possibility of men approaching her son. She expressed worries about him witnessing adult men using urinals or encountering potentially unsafe situations.

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“Obviously, he’s perfectly able to use a toilet himself, but the idea of him seeing grown men using urinals, or – even if it’s a small chance – someone dodgy approaching him, worries me. We all know there are flashers and worse about, I saw them when I was a kid and so did most women I know,” she stated. “At some point, he just won’t agree to go in the ladies, hopefully by then he’ll be ready to handle any bad situations,” she added.

After seeking advice from other moms, she received numerous responses. Suggestions included standing outside while her son used the urinal or providing him with guidance on handling potentially dangerous situations.

“Let him go to the gents, and you stand outside. Tell him to scream if somebody stops him from leaving. Otherwise, continue with your stranger danger teachings. He’s got to learn to go by himself at some point,” one parent recommended.

“Talk to him about how to handle different situations. I called in after mine that I was just outside, so anyone inside knew someone was watching out,” another parent suggested.

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